Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dust and Your Ventilation System

What an excellent article, Dust – When a nuisance becomes deadly, that the NFPA Journal® published in its November/December 2008 Issue written by Amy Beasley Spencer!

In fact, it’s so great that Omni Pro, Inc., is sharing it with everyone here.

The article discusses how dust can be deadly as we all learned on February 7, 2008, from the Imperial Sugar plant explosion and the Malden Mills explosion and fire on December 11, 1995.
Dust is a serious hazard. Don’t let it build up in your ducts and ventilation system.

Contact Omni Pro, Inc., and we will clean your ducts/vents ensuring your safety in accordance with NFPA Standards.

Angela Claeson
General Manager, Omni Pro, Inc.